Don't Wait 'Til Your Luck Runs Out

10% of the population have a food allergy. Linen takes the guesswork away from serving customers with allergies.

What's Inside

Everything you need to personalize your menu.

Allergen & Dietary Customization
Customers can select specific allergies and dietary preferences, receiving a comprehensive and tailored menu, free from items that may not align with their specific needs.
Multi-language support
Cater to a diverse customer base by offering multiple language options, allowing your customers to choose their preferred language.
Wi-Fi details
Display your Wi-Fi network name and password, allowing your customers to easily access and connect to your Wi-Fi service.
Social media integration
Effortlessly share your social media profiles and other relevant information with your customers, enhancing your online presence and engagement.
Currency Conversion
Currency conversion feature allows diners to convert menu prices to their preffered currency.
Logo & custom styles
COMING SOON! Add your logo and customize the look of your menu.

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What’s included

  • Social Media Integration
  • Dietary Customization
  • Langauge Translation
  • Currency Conversion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linen Menu?

Linen is for the diner with allergies and dietary preferences who have trouble finding dishes to order when eating out. At Linen, we have made that problem a thing of the past with our comprehensive and filterable online menu. Linen Menu is a service that helps restaurants create and manage their menus in a digital format, making them accessible to diners online.

Why Linen?

With the use of Linen Menu, restaurants create a more transparent and comprehensive menu that aids in limiting your restaurant's liability. Linen Menu eliminates any confusion between server and diner. With our language translation and currency converter, diners will feel the extent of your restaurant's hospitality. By tearing down the language and cultural barriers, anyone from anywhere can eat at your restaurant and understand your menu. Our menu allows restaurants to include their social media pages to share with their diners. With a simple click of a button, diners can access your restaurant's social media pages.

How do diners access the menus of restaurants online using Linen Menu?

It's simple! Diners scan the QR Code presented by the restaurant and they will immediately be brought to their tailored online menu.

Can I customize my order, such as making special requests or modifications?

Linen Menu offers diners the ability to see whether a restaurant allows a specific meal to be modified for an allergy or dietary preference. With this, diners can ask the waiter the specific modifications they would like.

As a restaurant, how can I incorporate Linen Menu into my business?

For a restaurant to use Linen Menu, simply create an account on our website and begin to customize your menu. As a restaurant we know you’re busy, that’s why we’ll do everything for you! Simply create an account on and email us. We will then begin to create your menu for you.